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Waterproof Principle 27 - The Ugly Wife; the Truth

"...Never make a  pretty woman (the lie) your wife."

Truth , light as a feather... outweighs every lie. Shadows,  heavy with fear and uncertainty, dragging led feet.
You thought, you think you did, you acted. Invited. Truth knows you.
But you sit  at that table there  dressed in lies and deceit. Plastic and wind is all you will get to eat.
Come to My table won't cost you a thing. paying with lies? Come naked, I'll give you a drink. I'll fill up your stomach  We'll talk, laugh and cry  When you leave here, You won't want to ... You'll be Dressed in My Light.


Waterproof Principle 26 - "Will the Real OAK pls STAND"

"The God of heaven will help us succeed. We, his servants, will start rebuilding this wall....." Nehemiah 2:20
Welcome to the 26th Waterproof Principle. For those of you who are new to the blog I have been writing on and exploring 30 Waterproof, Basic Christian, Life Principles in Thankfulness to the Living God of the Bible, for my almost 30 years of life...(birthday coming up soon!). 
You don't have to be a Christian to appreciate or be changed by it -  But in Light of the Truth unveiled to me and the miracles I have witnessed, I have made my choice and am allowing the Truth to change me. So what I'm actually saying is....'Welcome!'
When I was considering a quote to explain this principle, I thought of this famous one: "If You Don't Stand For Anything You will Fall For Everything." I don't know who the person is who said it, so of course I went to  'google-it'...I then came accross the interesting fact  that the person who quoted thi…

Waterproof Principle 25 - Your Relfection

There he went into a cave to spend the night. Suddenly the LORD spoke to him,  "Elijah, what are you doing here?"  1Kings 19:9-13 

One day at our church the pastor spoke to us about knowing  who you are in Christ and he showed us this picture...

The Mirror is the Truth (Jesus)  Although people around you might see you as a 'loser', because of what Jesus has done for us ... He sees the Lion in you. Walking in Victory; you need to learn to see yourself the way He sees you. a Overcomer, a new creation, fearfully and wonderfully made. 
  If you listen to the word, but do not put it into practice you  are like people who look in a mirror and see themselves as they are.   They take a good look at themselves and then go away and at once forget what they look like.   But if you look closely into the perfect law that sets people free, and keep on paying attention to it and do not simply listen and then forget it, but put it into practice---you will be blessed by God in what …

Waterproof Principle 24 - "Little did he know..."

Trust in the LORD with all your heart. Never rely on what you think you know.Pro 3:5 
Hi There Everyone! Loyal Readers, family members, twitter friends! Sabine! Thank you for reading my thoughts, feelings and discoveries. Exploring 30 Waterproof Life Principles to celebrate my 30 Birthday this year in Thankfulness and Worship to Abba Father, the God of the Bible!  I pray that He touches your heart like He did mine and deeper, through these prayers and principles!!!  God bless you.
"Little did he know..." was that concept I enjoyed in the movie: 'Stranger than fiction' with Will Farrell, Emma Thompson and others. Particularly where Dustin Hoffman explains how many writers use the phrase "Little did he know..." referring to people/characters who basically didn't see it coming!
So it is for us also throughout our life stories. We cannot RELY or trust on our own reasoning. We don't see the whole picture, to us it looks like broken pieces (oh no God, my l…

Waterproof Principle 23 - Love Never Fails

It is that simple. Unconditional Love does not grow cold or become stagnant...but moves beyond that point...not out of duty or obligations, but because we want to...
I think of that movie with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, Break-up, where she begs him to get lemons for her table center-piece and at one point she says,
"I want you to want to do it..."(otherwise you shouldn't do it). And Vince Vaughn's character is so preoccupied with his games and sports, completely insensitive to the relationship, that he opens a door for it to take a turn for the worst...

If we are not moving ahead...if we are staying in the shallow waters, will we ever reach all that God has planned for our lives? What keeps us away is the cost...
"If she wants me to buy lemons now, that means I have to get up from my comfortable spot off the couch and give up my game, watching my sport, for a few lemons..."
in short...the cost is, NOT BEING ABLE TO DO THINGS MY WAY...

Joh 14:15  &quo…