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Wys tans plasings vanaf June, 2014

Finding Voice

We all, at one point or another, overstep some boundaries in search of ourselves. When you're on a quest finding your way in this upside down system/world we live in, and you do overstep here and there ~ life will quickly knock you back into place. This is our time to find Voice. To take a time-out and re-asses the way we have been going about. Either you were wrong or the current world system (or whatever you have put your trust in) has failed you (or both :) whichever way your cookie crumbled...this is a good place to stop and find Voice.

We are not a people accidentally banged (the big bang...) into being...look at nature. Perfectly designed and created. As are we.

When we were kids, we knew exactly what we wanted and when we wanted it. We weren't afraid to say it, live it, or dream it. Nothing was impossible. We live in a society of conformity and tradition and all that makes us feel safe and comfortable. Creatures of habit.

Dreams go beyond the borders of safety...