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Sthopper Bookreview

The Judas Goat How to deal with false friendships, betrayals and the temptation not to forgive By Perry Stone bestselling author and international Evangelist
It is a strange title to for a book but seen in the light of our spiritual Hebrew roots it’s  a very just and suitable title. This is a thought provoking book about the enemy’s strategies to destroy relationships in your personal life and the Body of Christ by false friendships and betrayals and not to forgive harms you more than the person that causes the pain and betrayal. It’s explained in the book that a Judas goat is a real goat that exist and he practically lives with sheep and at the end he is used to lead the sheep to the slaughterhouse. The book equips you to make the link between how to identify the Judas goats and deal with them and the hurt they caused. I personally like the writer’s vast knowledge of Jewish traditions and language. Throughout the book he explains what words mean in Hebrew and sometimes in Greek. It opens up…

DIY with Creative Cookie

Great Crates
I have two busy boys and as with all kids, loads of “stuff” is always accumulated.  Some things are just plain junk, but then there are other things that will always have value in our house.  One of those things is books.  The need arose for some sort of bookshelf, the one we had been using up to now, was becoming cramped and the books were suffering because of it J
So instead of going out and just buying a bookshelf, I wanted to use something different, something recycled and most importantly, something the boys could help with. 
I was able to buy old wooden cold drink crates from a second-hand shop and then the fun began….
They were full of cobwebs so we gave them a wash and put in the sun to dry.....then we sanded them all over, every nook and cranny.  We then painted 2 coats of white paint, sanding in-between each coat to ensure a smooth finish.  Finally, they got 1 coat of colour.  Once dry we sanded over the colour letting the white paint on the bottom show through…