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Sew & Such

Ina-Mari Kemp, a dreamer inspired. Creating and making pretty things by hand, she sets hearts alight. She works by creating beautiful and original pieces for the home. Whether decorative or practical. NationInspiration caught up with her to hear her thoughts on life, being creative and just being.

1. Please tell our readers more about yourself and also about Sew & Such?

I live in Cape Town with my husband and our very entertaining toddler. My husband and I work mostly from home, which we love because we get to spend a lot of time together as a family. I grew up with very creative and innovative female role models, from making their own clothes or baking very elaborate birthday cakes to business owners and everything in between. That influence has pretty much paved the way for Sew and Such. I never really planned on starting a business it was just a natural extension of who I am. I love having the ability to create something from scratch, from screen printing my own fabric to making …