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Creative Cookie - Cake-a-phor#4

“Cake-a-phor” #4 A party without cake is just a meeting. -Julia Child –
I regard myself to be a pretty organized person, my husband always jokes and says I don’t have OCD, I have CDO (the letters have to be in alphabetical order as well ;-) ..... but despite my organizational “skills” it feels as if I am forever looking for things.  Items like keys, paperwork, missing socks, tennis shoes or some toy at bedtime that one of my boys cannot possibly go without. Following another search session the other day I was thinking....imagine you were looking for something. Something/Someone very important that you knew you needed to find.  Imagine that before you start looking for this very important thing, you are given a guarantee or a promise that if you search for this, you WILL find it.  Would you look for it with more passion, drive and purpose?  Would you ever give up looking?  A party without cake is just a meeting and living without seeking God is a wasted life.

“If you seek him, He will be fo…

Confessions from the Heart - written by iram

There is a long-standing relationship I have been involved in for many, many years. It is a necessary connection, but it has never been normal or healthy... As ridiculous as it sounds, I am talking about my dysfunctional relationship with food. 

My emotions and sometimes, lack of emotions, have always been directly connected to my eating habits. I have often envied people being able to eat a whole plate of food without a second thought or guilty feeling. At certain stages during my teenage years it became so bad, that I wasn’t able to really eat until I was full in front of anybody. I would eat very small portions and “top-up” later when I was alone. I always imagined people thinking….REALLY? Should you really be eating that in your condition? That’s what I imagined people said because, honestly, that is what I was thinking to myself.

Around ages 17 to 18 I just wanted to be in control and in my distorted mind, vomiting after meals and excessive exercise seemed the best way to…

Waterproof Principle 33 – FAITH

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

This verse is weighty amongst us as a family because it was one of my father’s biggest prayer requests; to be a man of GREAT FAITH. And he was. It was his favourite verse.

As Believers in Christ we WILL be challenged in this life. 
The Word says…YOU WILL have trouble (not you might have trouble)..But do not let your hearts be troubled for I have overcome the world… (John 16:33).

We are asked to KEEP OUR FAITH NO MATTER WHAT! Difficult, but not impossible!
We do not always understand the things we go through…but God is asking us to trust Him even though we do not see or understand the full picture…
Abraham left home. a Familiar and safe place and he didn’t even know where he was going.
God just said: GO
WOW…"selah" about that for a while….

In honour, I wrote this song after the loss of my father. 
I pictured him as a king fallen, but he was victorious in his faith..even in passing.



Waterproof Principle 32 - Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I visited a place, more times than I would like to admit. That lonely hill called: ‘the end of my rope’… a place where I couldn’t see breakthrough or change any time soon…
Lonely because the people around me couldn’t bear to listen to the problem, or rather pure frustration, anymore and only after you have reached the END OF YOUR ROPE do you realize that you cannot DO anything about your situation but wait it out and the people around you can only really support you THROUGH it.
KEY WORD here is THROUGH. Just because we can’t SEE the solution does not mean that it is not close or on the way. Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1
With a Hopeless mind and heart our solution might walk right passed us and we wouldn’t even recognize it. Negativity and hopelessness will suck the life right out of you! It will keep you blind to possibilities and opportunities. Psalm 39:7 the psalmist prays to God saying: My HOPE is in YOU!
We need to SEE…