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Pokkeloks - Join the Adventure!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself? I was born in Cape Town but grew up in a town called Mahikeng in the North West Province. 
I have always had a need to travel and to change the world wherever I can. After backpacking through Asia with my partner, we realized how important it is for the local people to speak English. Speaking English opens up so many doors for them, most of them rely on tourism for an income. We felt a strong need to help and decided that we will teach English abroad. After long Skype interviews we both landed a teaching job in Hong Kong and have been living in Hong Kong for about 9 months now. 
Exploring Hong Kong:
2.Here on NationInspiration we celebrate passion,talents and purpose. What are you passionate about?
I am still trying to figure out what my passion is! ;-) I guess for me it's people and travel. Trying to help wherever we can. When we came back from our backpacking trip we had this restlessness inside us. It was like something was calling us. Telling us tha…

Creative You! - Marí Williams

Being creative is not a hobby; it is a way of life - Unknown

Did you know that YOU are an amazing creative being? Yes you! And did you know one of the reasons you are here is to use your creative talents and gifts to glorify His name along with the rest of creation? It sounds so incredible, doesn’t it? Every time I think about it, it sounds as if it should be the definition of what true beauty is.

Crazy as it may sound; I have never considered myself to be creative. I always thought that somebody who is creative could make colours come to life on canvas or sculpted images that inspired deep thoughts. It wasn’t until about a year ago,when I started my new job, that somebody casually stated, in a matter of fact way, that I was a creative person. It caught me totally off guard. It felt as if that person was speaking a foreign language or something, or that perhaps I had given the impression of being something that I clearly wasn’t.

I placed the ridiculous thought in the back of my mind and …