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Wys tans plasings vanaf February, 2019

Jared Kohn

JARED KOHN is an artisit from the Garden Route. Through his work he shares his passion for the outdoors, his family, living a simple yet meaningful life. Find out what inspires him and the tough choices he had to make. Dreams remain asleep without our leaps of faith.

1. Please tell us more about yourself and how you discovered your passion for art and to create.

My name is Jared Kohn. In school I did art as a subject, which included Graphic Design and a bit of painting and then when I left school I studied Architecture which is kind of a combination of practical, design and obviously creativity as well with color, form, texture ect. I worked as an Architect for about eight years. I really loved designing buildings and designing space and it’s interaction with people, but I didn’t enjoy the industry very much. It’s quite a difficult industry to be in and I think my personality just didn’t gel well with it.

The company in which I worked didn’t really allow me to express my creativity in a …

Waterproof Principle 36 - Blossom

photo: Annie Spratt

Loving Yourself #Blossom

Thankful, ....but what a crazy year 2018 was!?

Each year, after my birthday, I write a principle that stood out or shaped my innermost... yep, I know it can't just be one thing that shaped and sharpened me in a year! No, but surely a highlighted principle...a theme, you could say. Something waterproof to keep the leaks out!

I started writing and then stopped... nope this isn't it.

Sometimes we force things because we have 'deadlines'... but how can one force matters of the heart?

Most of my life has been spent looking up to people, offering up a whole lot, loving or supporting them... when that love is not returned it can be pretty painful, even though this is not the reason one should love... Maybe the why of that love was not pure to begin with? OR people just experience love differently to the way we give it (Love Languages). 

I don't want to upset anyone so I shut my mouth. In the end, there is so much conflict warring insi…

The Vagabond

Charmaine Hurter en Francois Nortjé het gaan inloer by die boek launch van Frank Rautenbach se inspirerende boek, 'The Vagabond'.
Dit was gehou by The Uppercase Boekwinkel in Menlyn Maine waar Starburst Promotions 'n fenominale promosie gelewer het.
Berta le Roux (Emma in 7de Laan) het 'n informele onderhoud met Frank gevoer waar bietjie meer oor sy boek, maar ook sy persoonlike lewe, gesels is. Daarna kon die media hom vrae vra waarop hy lekker gemaklik met ons gesels het. Ons het hom beleef as ernstig met 'n fyn sin vir humor.
The Vagabond gaan oor Frank se soektog na God se wil vir sy loopbaan en lewe en bemoedig elke persoon wat die boek lees om regtig te gaan soek na die betekenis in sy lewe. Frank se vraag vir jou is: "Is your life worth living?"
Die boek word beskryf as 'n maklike lees, tog raak dit jou persoonlik.' Easy to read, but not an easy read'.
Frank het met ons gedeel dat hy deur storms moes gaan om die ware toestand van sy hart te …