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Confessions of a Teenager

Hi there NasieInspirasie Readers! This month NasieInspirasie interviewed two Teenagers; kind enough to share their hearts and thoughts during this busy time with their end year exams!
Now I don't know if you remember what it was like being a teenager...sometimes misunderstood not only by those you were surrounded with, but also soaking in the season of discovering and understanding who you were!
So Here Goes!

                  UMYA CROUKAMP
Q1: What would you say are the challenges teenagers face today? (Christian and non-christian teenagers - all teenagers) 
"I personally think some of the biggest challenges a teenager faces is getting mixed up with the wrong friends that have a bad influence on you. This can lead you to dangerous activities for example the use of drugs and alcohol...maybe having a boyfriend and not acting your age in the relationship. Also the pressures of trying to fit in and trying to be popular."
Q2: How do you as a christian teenager cope or counter-act t…