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#Worth - written by iskra


I am truly convinced that most of our insecurities, difficulties and poor life decisions, stem from the fact that we do not fully grasp our own WORTH.

If we understood our WORTH we would treat ourselves and others with much more love, patience and respect. If we fully understood our WORTH we wouldn't fill our minds and bodies with junk-food or use harmful substances.

Imagine someone consistently polishing an already cut and polished gemstone. Not really an activity that would increase a gem stone's worth.

Ridiculous as it may sound, this is something all of us do. The polishing and fixing...

When I look in the mirror it does not come naturally to me to tell myself how great and precious I am..can't say that the fine lines, tired eyes and grey hair pushing through my black locks are welcomed with open arms either...although I know another day lived is one to be thankful for, irrespective of what age brings along.

Like a cheesy facebook scroll-by, I do believe that althoug…

Thonton Kabeya - Inspired Art

Hi there Thonton,Welcome to NationInspiration! 
1.Please tell us a bit more about yourself? 
Art has always been part of my life and me. It started as a game between my brother and I, when we used to compete who’s drawing is more interesting. I was about 6 years old. Basketball was my choice of direction initially. My focus was more on playing and hoping one day I would make it to the big leagues. Destiny had a different plan for me! :-) And so I find myself serving my community through the power of art.

 2. Our heart is for all to grasp the inspiration that they already are when we use what we have. What or who inspires you?
 My immediate environment is a source for inspiration for me. There is always something interesting, curious, touching - that pops up unexpectedly. One just has to be present, listen and be tuned into the smallest details of life. In my studio I have a creative board that is full of odd bits and pieces that I collect and then stick on it. Those pieces mean something …