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Wys tans plasings vanaf Mei, 2013

Sthopper Movie Reviews

Faith Happens Written and Directed by Rick Carside
What do ordinary people with extraordinary problems have in common?
This movie is based on actual events that happened over a period of 30 years in the church that Rick Carside grew up in. With characters like a drug addict, a spunky old lady, an African refugee, a pastor, a cancer patient and a Chinese entrepreneur to name a few, all of them need to face life’s curve balls.
Through the challenges that each character face, they learn about God’s amazing grace and love which change their lives forever. They learned to walk in God’s eternal truth and see miracles happing.
What I like about this movie was the fact that it gave hope and it inspired me to look at my faith and how I live according to it. It reminded me about that verse in the Bible that says “…the just shall live by his faith ….”(Hab 2:4). The single one aspect that I’ve again learnt was that even though things seems bad, God is faithful and can change ANY situation to glorif…