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NasieInspirasie's 1st BookReview!

“Ek Droom van ‘n Droom” by Elsje Neethling Blair in conjunction with Maretha Maartens.
A powerful, well-written and easy to read autobiography  of Elsje Neethling Blair (Journalist, Jeweler and sister to Ryk Neethling)  She has had a 18 year long struggle with cancer  and has kept a strong belief and a will to Dream.   She believes that dreams are an expression of your soul  and needs to be born and brought into maturity despite one’s circumstances.  This book was filled with extra-ordinary and ordinary miracles  Elsje and her family experienced in life. This brings glory to God our Father.  
What impressed me as a reader was the way she shared her  intrinsic relationship with God even if it was a situation of struggle or blessing.  Gently, though a strong message;  that we should be faithful with what we received even if it is little or much.
This book invoked theses questions in me:  ’What is my dream?’ and ‘do I life my dream, despite my circumstances?’
Reading this book was like an exquisite box…