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Fearless Bookreview with Hester Opperman

Written by New York Times Best – Selling Author Eric Blehm
Fearless is the inspiring true story about an American Hero, Adam Brown, a small town American boy which became a top U.S Navy SEAL. This is a rare look behind the scenes of the highly secretive and demanding world of special operators, exposing the human elements involved in this unique group of people and especially in Adam.  He ultimately paid the price for his love of his country and his convictions. 
The book explores with honesty and honors the paths Adam went on. From drug addict, jailed, surrendering to Jesus and finally finding his purpose in life as a SEAL.    He is portrayed as a tender Warrior. A Mister “I got it” always ready to do the hard stuff but able  to switch to a gentle and caring person, father and husband. Something I did not expect from a hard-core Warrior.
His faith in God and the strength and peace he got from his Savior is a true testimony to everybody that knew him and those reading this book.…