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Wys tans plasings vanaf November, 2012

"Small Beginnings and a Great, Big God..."

Hello Beloved Readers,
Welcome to November's NasieInspirasie! (Inspiration for all Nations!) Thank you to all the readers who gave feedback;  to those who were blessed by Willie (The Fudge Man's story) last month.  Many more blessings to come!  God uses ordinary people; you and me to do extraordinary things! 
This brings me to the extraordinary life and times of  Canticle Coffee and Music Lounge Owner, Liezl Hobbs. I was so inspired by her life changing story  and believe this one will hit the spot for you to! Her story is one of courage and determination,  God's faithfulness and about the dream God has entrusted her with. 

Liezl Hobbs

1. Tell us a bit more about yourself. I was born, went to school and spent most of my life in the Kalahari. After school I joined a Performing Christian Dance and Drama group traveling South Africa. Our main focus was to take the ARTS back for God. This has been a dream for me still today and includes all forms of art; be it poetry, painting…