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Wys tans plasings vanaf December, 2019

Adelle Nqeto - Home

Photographer: Sune van Tonder
Proud of Adelle Nqeto, a very special and talented South African artist now living in Germany. She released her inspiring EP (HOME) this year and we caught up with her to hear more about it. There will always be opportunities and seasons to grow when we choose to go beyond our comfort zones. This could mean leaving your physical home for a new one or replacing old ideas, beliefs for new ones #declutter

Home is where the heart is: your home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest affection NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!

"Adelle Nqeto’s music stems from an introverted, curious, observer-heart, with a passion for melody as well as story-telling. Authenticity is an integral part of Adelle’s music, as she wears her heart on her sleeve, weaving melodies and lyrics to lure the listener in to sit and ponder on everyday life. Rooted in African folk, as well as exploring Jazz, Indie and Pop, she hopes to reveal the reality of simply being human and remi…