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Looking Back in Thankfulness

the 30 life Principles is where it all really began for Nasieinspirasie (afrikaans: inspiration for the nation). it was the year of my 30th birthday and I celebrate I would share the life lessons and cuts I experienced thus far... these principles are so precious to me as I believe it not only builds us (through God's Word and God's Spirit), but it PROTECTS us (our hearts) from the nagging, unnecessary leaks of life. Hence the name; WATERPROOF Principles. 

After the Principles were completed, I did not want to stop writing and thought I would start interviewing people... My first ever interview is one I will never forget and that was the interview with Willie, The Fudge Man. He has been selling his Fudge at the traffic light/road in our neighbourhood. Each bag he sells has a printed bible verse included with the fudge which he says is his baking powder... He really had an inspiring story and I felt greatly encouraged to share and keep sharing other people's storie…

Sthopper Movie Review : Leading Lady

Leading Lady : Film Review
Directed by : Henk Pretorius (Fanie’s labolla, Bakgat) Cast: Katie McGrath, Bok van Blerk, Gil Bellows, Brumulda van Rensburg, Craig Palm, Mary Tswala, Eduan Van Jaarsveldt , Andre Stolz, Ilze du Plooy, Jana Strydom Music by: Benjamin Willem Produced by: Dark Matter Genre:  Romantic comedy Jodi Rutherford is a British teacher (McGrath) aspiring to be an actress. In her preparing for a role in a major film she approach Kobus Willemse (van Blerk) a boer from Brandfordt to help her preparing for this role as an Afrikaans war heroine. In return she needs to arrange and direct the annual concert on the Willemse farm.
This film was filled with cross culture humor and funny antics of the local community and main characters. Although the film’s story line was predictable the wonderful cast, excellent acting and the most beautiful scenes/ery overshadowed the predictable storyline and making it a big success. A very well written, funny and sassy dialog that keeps the audienc…