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Artist: Lionel Smit

1. You grew up in an environment where art is a way of life. When did you discover your own passion for art?

I grew up mostly in an environment of sculpture and I think once I discovered painting, it was something I could call my own, and explore. It was at that stage, I really found my passion - I was able to break away from something that was part of my norm.

2. What or Who inspires you?

I have been inspired by a variety of artists, throughout my career - ranging from classical to contemporary painting. I think I try to combine everything that inspires me subliminally, into one style - almost like I draw from each stage of my inspirations. I am also inspired by my surroundings and drawing from people and their cultural identities.

3. What mediums do you enjoy working with the most?
My preferred mediums are oil on canvas, and sculpturally I prefer clay and plaster of Paris that will be cast into bronze.

4. Here on NasieInspirasie we encourage one another not to wait for things to "fall into place" before attempting to live our dreams, but to start living with whatever we have available NOW. Can you relate to this? (your story) Please share

Yes, I can definitely relate to that. It feels like everyday is "carpe diem" and then things tend to snowball, which is amazing. It also takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Sometimes I feel I need to slow down, and wait for things to happen, but I think there is a balance that you need to find.I started exhibiting from a young age. It was hard to get into galleries. So instead of waiting around, I did my own exhibitions. From there, I started exhibiting at galleries. Eventually, the right collector saw my work, and it just snowballed from there.

5. Top 3 bands/music you enjoy listening to?

There are too many to mention - I go through phases... My current phase includes "We Were Promised Jetpacks", "Switchfoot", and Beck.

6. How can people stay connected with you and your artworks/exhibitions?
They can follow me on social media ( and @lionelsmit for Instagram and Twitter), or on my website (


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Mike Maeshiro

Mike is from Redding, California. Because of his inspirational quotes, we voted Mike NR 1 on our Top 10 list of folks to follow on Instagram. If you're hungry for truth and frustrated with fluffy-facebook riddles and rhymes, this is the guy to follow.
1. What inspires you?
Firstly, Jesus is a big inspiration for me. I met Him when I was 18. He changed my life. Reality shifted when that happened. We each carry a unique aspect of God, we are His expression. So I want to help people release who He is as them. He's locked up in each one of us and I have declared war on conformity, pretending, manipulation, self-hatred, rejections, fear, ignorance and deception because these keep the light hidden.

My other answer would be pain. The pain I've experienced in my life, I have a strong desire to help other people heal from and overcome the things that have stolen from them and kept them small. I hope my journey can lift their eyes and help them find the way out of their own darkness.



Dis lanklaas wat 'n fliek my so opgewonde gehad het dat ek my man wil afvlieg om die uitsending in George te gaan kyk. Die fliek waarvan ek praat is THE ROAR, 'n Frans Cronjé film, wat ek onlangs in Pretoria met die vertoning daar gaan kyk het vir resensie doeleindes. Die film stem so wonderlik ooreen met Nasie se leuse en hartklop...
Die hele fliek gaan daaroor om uit te vind wat jou lewensdoel is, dit raak te sien en om dit te bereik. Spreker, Gustav Gous was ook daar gewees. Hy praat gereeld oor lewensdoel en sy insprake was vir my baie spesiaal gewees. Hy het gesê mense dink hulle het net een doel, maar ons het eintlik ten minste 9 doele wat God vir ons elkeen uniek gemaak/gegee het. Dit was vir my 'n baie lekker ervaring en veral om te sien hoe opgewonde Frans Cronjé is oor hierdie film!
The Roar vorm deel van 3 verskillende films onder die Purpose Campaign. 6 Below wys reeds by lokette, The Roar en Victor is die ander twee en word die 2de Maart en die 13de April bekend…

Hennie Meyer Ceramics

Hennie Meyer is 'n keramiek kunstenaar van Kaapstad. Sy klei-kunswerke wek kalmte, nuuskierigheid en bewondering. 

1.Wanneer het jy jou passie om met klei/keramiek as medium te werk ontdek?
Ek is die jaar na matriek as Rotariër uitruilstudent na Australië. Dit was in 1984. Die skool in Australië het geweier om op daardie stadium ’n “wit” Suid Afrikaner in die skool in te neem. Die enigste tersiëre instansie wat bereid was om my te onderrig was die plaaslike technikon en ook net die kunsdepartement! So ek was baie gelukkig om heeltemal toevallig vir ’n jaar lank ’n diploma in keramiek te kon doen. Die medium het my perfek gepas. Ek het teruggekom en kunsonderwys op Stellenbosch studeer. Op Stellenbosch was ’n wonderlike dosent in keramiek, David Steele, wat my liefde vir klei verder aangemoedig en ontwikkel het.

2. Wat inspireer meeste van jou werk?

Die klei self is die sterkste inspirasie. Klei is ’n wonderlike medium. Wanneer ek met die klei werk is ek baie bewus van die proses. Hie…