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Mike Maeshiro

Mike is from Redding, California. Because of his inspirational quotes, we voted Mike NR 1 on our Top 10 list of folks to follow on Instagram. If you're hungry for truth and frustrated with fluffy-facebook riddles and rhymes, this is the guy to follow.

1. What inspires you?

Firstly, Jesus is a big inspiration for me. I met Him when I was 18. He changed my life. Reality shifted when that happened. We each carry a unique aspect of God, we are His expression. So I want to help people release who He is as them. He's locked up in each one of us and I have declared war on conformity, pretending, manipulation, self-hatred, rejections, fear, ignorance and deception because these keep the light hidden.

My other answer would be pain. The pain I've experienced in my life, I have a strong desire to help other people heal from and overcome the things that have stolen from them and kept them small. I hope my journey can lift their eyes and help them find the way out of their own darkness.

2. Do you mean that the pain you have experienced are places to be healed and to heal? and would you say this is the main message you feel God has given you to run with? 

Yeah. Pain I've experienced, and my response to it, has caused me to find answers and solutions to things other people don't seem to notice.

Yes, this is a big message I carry, we are Jesus' dreams back from the dead.
Another big one is Discerning of Spirits. I teach this all over the world, helping people raise their spiritual intelligence and those gifted with supernatural discernment. I train on how to hone their gift and use it to help set people free.

3. It seems a bit far and it helping people to connect and respond to the Holy Spirit?

Yeah. Ultimately. It's helping people recognize their spiritual agreements in their own lives, separating evil from people and consequently having their eyes cleared up enough to recognize the truth when He speaks.

4. How did the Mike board start?

When I was working in the Events Department at Bethel Church, my boss asked me what I would like to decorate the office with. After her persisting, I finally realized I wanted a whiteboard for the wall that I could write my thoughts on.

After the first writing, I realized only about five people would see it. So I started sharing it on social media. It caught on and grew from there.

5. How has it changed your way of thinking...sharing your thoughts so widely? 

Mm. Great question!
It has helped me realize how negative info is not helpful. Simply pointing out what's wrong or missing isn't enough. We need to provide something that actually builds. So crafting the truth to speak to that, to cut away lies, to present a key or clarify the door, is a fun, creative expression leading people to freedom. And making it less about me talking directly to an individual and talking more inclusively about US and what WE'RE going through as a community. Paul says we belong to each other, I've found...
Expressing this as our relationship with the spirit world has proven very helpful for people. Identifying thought patterns and beliefs for people and then pointing them to the truth.

6. We aim to encourage the lost Dreamers. Those who hide, bury their talents and gifts because it does not fit into the world's ways, or rather, they don't see it fit and then give up on it...what would you say to such a person? 

I would say "You are the expression of God, He has hidden Himself in you. The only way you're ever going to live up to who and what you are is to TRUST that what you've been given is enough. Is it gonna take work? Yeah. Is it going to be scary? Yeah. Is it going to cost you? Yeah. But it will be worth it. And this can't be a mental journey, it must be your real life, your real choices, your real risks taken.

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Die hele fliek gaan daaroor om uit te vind wat jou lewensdoel is, dit raak te sien en om dit te bereik. Spreker, Gustav Gous was ook daar gewees. Hy praat gereeld oor lewensdoel en sy insprake was vir my baie spesiaal gewees. Hy het gesê mense dink hulle het net een doel, maar ons het eintlik ten minste 9 doele wat God vir ons elkeen uniek gemaak/gegee het. Dit was vir my 'n baie lekker ervaring en veral om te sien hoe opgewonde Frans Cronjé is oor hierdie film!
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As I sat down in front of my computer to write what is burning in my heart, with that loathsome cape of self-doubt hanging around my shoulders – what makes me think that I’m worthy of sharing my views with the world? – a randomly generated Windows Spotlight Image greets me. Yes, as you can see a mighty lion relaxing in the sun, face into the wind. Powerful and content. I couldn’t help but chuckle and you will soon see why.

The recently released film, The Roar, tells a powerful tale of Louise (Almarie du Preez), a young woman who has to make some important decisions about her future. Not only her future, her destiny. The viewers follow her journey of discovery in the setting of the bushveld family farm and lodge ran by her father, Ranger (Frans Cronjé), who struggles with finding his footing in life after the passing of his wife. Not to forget her fiancé, André (Heinz Winkler), who is not only a pillar of strength to Louise, but her comrade in the day-to-day running of the business as …

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Wat 'n knaende verraad! Daardie klippie in die skoen. Daardie ding wat krap en pla en mens soms verleë laat. Dis 'n pes as jy dalk jaag van hier na daar, soveel dinge wat aan jou trek; jou aandag vat; daar is nie tyd nie! Vir jou om net te kan sit, skoen uittrek en die verdomde ding uitgooi! Pfffeeeu...! Wat 'n verligting as hy eers weg is!

So klein dingetjie met soveel praat in sy kneuse...daardie klippie in die skoen.
(Talk about rubbing me up the wrong way!)

Ons het almal maar ons klippies. Klein goedjies wat haak en pla. Daagliks knaag dit aan ons..maal dit rond in ons koppe, laatnag, wannneer ons eintlik moet slaap...

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