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Love like a CHIP

The other day I was sitting on the couch with my 10 month old baby girl comfortably on my lap. Her furry, white hair barely scraping my chin as we both watched cartoons on TV. While I was laying on lower parts of my back like a man on the beach, the dearest youngster enjoyed a puffed up, but salty chip.

I could almost smell the oceanic breeze as my feet went to touch the waves when indeed something wet touched me. It wasn’t the icy cold waves but rather a wet and chewy chip that was gummed halfway through. She clearly had enough and like any little tod would do, she just opened her little mouth and the chip couldn’t wait to make its escape only to land on Dads forearm.

At the first glance, I’m sure my face gave the impression of something seen out of a Steven Spielberg horror movie. But on the other hand, I was confronted with a bigger reality: what am I going to do with this piece of half eaten, squashed and soggy chip?

Many options went trough my mind. Burying it beneath the couch spacings was no option at all since Mommy was way to clever and would discover my little hidden treasure and then have me explain. Throwing it to the dog seemed quite possible only that the poor thing had only one eye and could barely see a steak in front of him if he were to be so lucky. The dustbin, which was miles and miles away from my very comfy position, was just what is was, too far away. So, I was left with the last option… to stuff it in my mouth and finish the job myself.

The thought raised an eyebrow. But then, looking at this little beauty on my lap, I knew that whatever came from her, is in fact part of me anyway. My blood is in her. She has my features and as a matter of fact, she even has my DNA. So, I ate it. Needles to say, it wasn’t that gross at all. A little wet, but still a good salty treat. By the way, if this was your child’s chip, I would have made a run for the bin no matter what and I’m sure you would have done the same.

It wasn’t until after I comfortably swallowed the chip that a very strange thought entered my mind. Nothing but a small voice echoed in me and got stuck between my ears. “This is true love”. I frowned at the strange notice of such a phrase as it entered my consciousness. Then, it became clear.

I firmly believe that we are all made for love, in love, to love. There is not a single portion of humanity that is not conceived in love. I also happen to believe that our Creator made everything with love. From the colours of delicate flowers all the way up to the sound of a baby’s laughter. Everything in the Name of Love. But the reality didn’t come as clear as the moment I realized that sometimes, I (and maybe even you) chew on something, or are busy with something, or are indulging in something that, when it is revealed, would deem to be very gross and in some cases, even shameful.

Then, the most profound truth lifts up my whole being. Just like I love my child, I am loved by my Creator because I am His child. And just as I reasoned that yes, this looks quite disgusting, I was still willing to take it upon myself to rid of the situation. Then “this is true love” made sense. I too (and you) are from Him. We came from Him, therefore we are part of Him. His spirit is in me (and you). We possess His features and even His DNA for we are all made in the Image and likeness of our Creator. Because of this truth, no matter what we do, or how we do it, or how far or for how long we have been doing it, there is just nothing, absolutely nothing on earth that we can ever possibly do that will cause Him to discard or be disgusted with us. No, He looks at our “Gross-and-half-eaten-soggy-ness” and recognize that we too are from Him and in a likewise manner, take it upon Himself to rid the situation.

May you know this. That your Maker will never desert you for anything. He will never be disgusted with anything concerning you. You are from Him and will always belong to Him. May you be ever comforted in knowing that He has already taken it upon Himself to rid us of all disgusting, gross and evil things you can think of. As a matter of fact, He still has you safely on His lap. You just need to realize that.


FC Nortje

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